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Leavinge Melbourne for Apollo Bay

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Emilka is enjoying the trip very much!!! No problems, no cries, no eating or sleeping issues. We are happy about this because eventually this trip is all about her.

Directly after breakfast we drove to Geelong. Beautiful weather and Ironman official contest.
Emilka rode on a carrousel the very first time!!

We strolled around the pier and then went over to a café to grab something to eat and continued the journey via Great Ocean Road. This road is beautifuy laid upon the shores of the Southern part of Australian continent. You drive slowly, through plenty of serpentines but the views are stunning. A must!

We reached Apollo Bay around 5:30pm, parked on our spot and prepared for a dinner. Miggi took Emilia to a playground - the little one loves kids so places like this are simply the best.

The evening was calm, the camping ground lies a few meters (literally) from the ocean so we heard the waves the whole time. Great.

Good night.

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The city of Melbourne

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The next day begun with some problems: the stove wouldn't start, 12V connection wouldn't work, the child seat was in bad shape and seemed risky, the kettle would kick off the electrical safety system (bezpiecznik / Sicherung) both on the camping ground and in the car. We didn't really know this motorhome (camper) stuff initially so it all looked like a bad dream.

A quick drive back to the camper rent solved everything. Luckily, we stopped at a very close camping ground.

Later we took a bus o Melbourne city, met my colleague Dan and had real fun walking around with him and learning the atmosphere and pace of the city. A few coffee and eating breaks added to the positive impressions all in all.

A quick visit at the Anglican St. Paul's Cathedral, a tram route to the beach and then we came back to the camper, ate a delicious dinner and fell asleep. Again, we had a good night.

Emilka is enjoying the trip very much!!! No problems, no cries, no eating or sleeping issues. We are happy about this because eventually this trip is all about her.

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The 13h flight to Melbourne was easier and seemed shorter than we thought and feared. Emka slept for only 2,5h and the rest she had to be entertained - we had to establish new walking routes between the seat rows, made new friends all along the aircraft, read books all over again but it all made the lomg flight more bearable. We also got maybe 1,5-2h of sleep so upon landing in the Melbourne heat, we were tired but happy.

A quick tour to our camper rent, 45-60 min formalities and we slept in the camper for 3h.

Afterwards we drove to the next Aldi (yeah; in Australia!!) and made shopping then moved to the next camping grounds to eat and rest.

The first night was absolutly jetlag-free; as if we were used to the time zone forever.

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Arrived at 7am, went over to Quantas to fight for a spare seat for Emilia. Even though she's done remarkably well on the way from CGN via London down to Dubai (all things considered eg. age), Miggi had no space for herself, having her on the lap almost entire time, or at least entire sleeping time.
They said,we should come back 3h before the flight. Ok.

The day in Dubai was nice: 1,5h power nap (me and Emilka), nice breakfast, a bit of hotel spa. Later we moved out to Underwater Zoo (fabulous!!!), Dubai Fountain (forget it) and the highest sky scraper (foggy day). We liked the chilling form of the day after the first part of the journey.

Tomorrow flight to Melbourne - 14h will be a real test for our daughter. And for us.

Pics will follow.

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After a short night we took off from Cologne on Mon at 10am and got to London at 10:15am and starter our full Gatwick-day. This lasted until 8pm and took lots of coffee and... toillet visits :)

Emilka was willing to visit every corner of the departure hall, choosing more and more to walk rather than to crawl. She was chasing a crying baby, and playing with other two - she's quite social. Miggi is quite social too but I don't have any proof for this from this particular day :-))

We liked Garwick airport - they introduced children buggies 2 weeks prior to our arrival. Just in time.

We ate supper at Jamie Oliver's (good but not more) and then started 7h flight to Dubai.

The flight was ok besides I didn't sleep a minute, as the guy behind us who would vomit most of the time. Poor lad, I hate it.

Emka has been our hero so far - she is dealing really ok with sleep depravation, crawl space shortage, Miggi's dining skills etc.

Her parents are doing ok

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