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Adelaide to Alice Springs to Uluru (updated)

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The morning welcomed us with rain and clouds which is not bad because we are leaving :)
We tidied up the car interiors, emptied the tank wirh used water and the toilet water, filled up the Diesel and returned our motorHOME.

A 1:45h flight to hot Alice Springs seemed short.

Again sun, hot and dry air and the dezert. The airport is small and cozy. After 2h waiting time we took off to the middle of nowhere: Yulara airport in the Uluru National Park.

Red earth everywhere. We just checked-in and are planning the next 3 days.

See you later.

New entry

Emilka's quick power nap and we went to the town center eat dinner and do some shopping.

Yulara is a tiny resort, an oasis on this outback desert. There are a few hotels of different class: luxury down to lower middle + camping grounds. There is a free of charge shuttle driving people around the resort, coming every 15 min. There are a few restaurants, a supermarket and some souvenir shops. There is also a visitor centre, where one can find out about the place.

Yulara lies some 20-25 min away from Uluru (Ayers Rock) and 50 min from Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) - two of the main places attracting people coming over from so far away.
Next day we will be visiting those places.

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A day in Adelaide

sunny 43 °C
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The next morning we woke up in only 29C and found out that the air was supposed to reach 43C that day. We decided to do the laundry (it was dry in 45 min), pack the bags for the next day and then see what we'll do about the heat.

During our activities, Emilka was enjoying swimming pool, water splashing playground, air pillow with either of us always watching. When she got tired she fell asleep and the heat helped to keep her in bed long.

In the afternoon, seeing all kids playing around and people not stopping to live just because of the temperature, we decided not to run away but take the heat "on our chest" and so we walked 5km along the beach to the beautiful part of Adelaide - Glenelg. This place belongs to those which played a crucial role in the history of Australia.

Emilka coped with the heat very well... by falling asleep in the children carry-backpack. We used the "sleep" set up to let her body rest and put out a sort of sun-protection umbrella over her.

And we drank looots of water. All 3 of us.

The evening surprised us with a pleasant cooler breeze and the night was rainy.

Tomorrow the first part of our journey will come to an end.

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Robe to Adelaide (updated)

overcast 33 °C
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We had a giant night: Miggi slept 11h, Emilia 12h (!). I enjoyed "only" 9h of deep sleep.

We prepared the camper to leave: did the dishes, emptied the tank with "dirty" waters, filled up the other one with the clean water, loaded the battery and swept the floor. Today only the little one has breakfast, as we decided to eat "in town", optimally in a café with free Internet. And here we are - a tasty food and network connection.

We are planning to take a walk around the cliff shore of Robe and then leave for Adelaide. One or two stopovers are planned too, but we'll tall about them afterwards.

See you!
New entry

We spent more time in Robe than initially planned. After uodating the blog, writing back emails etc, we went to the Public Library to manage our travel a bit:
- we decided for a 50min flight from Alice Springs to Uluru (Ayers Rock) in favor of 4-5h drive; we simulated the costs of both soltions and the price difference seemed worth saving Emilia and us trouble and time
- we booked hotels in Yulara (around Uluru)
- printed all necessary documents
Then we took a walk around the nice coast and only then took off for Adelaide.

Along the way we saw excerpts of what is Coorong National Park, meaning over 100km long stinky lagoons. Staying there gor a few days might be worthwhile - there are many unique animal and plant species around there to see. We simply didn't have time for it this time.

We arrived in Adelaide around 9pm, got out of the camper and instead of relaxing evening cool and silence, we were served 36C and loud bass beats from a live music concert some 1-2km away from the camping grounds.

This was the first night to start with a drilling sound of our built-in air conditioning system. It wasn't the best of nights but we survived :)

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Warrnambool to Robe

semi-overcast 28 °C
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An early wake-up with the first Olymic gold medal and a coffee did us good. :) A quick breakfast and we hit the road again. Emilka hit the Orpheus and so at least up to Port Fairy we had a relaxed drive. Port Fairy is a small village with some interesting stuff for those who like military stuff. We don't but neverthelessn we enjoyed a walk on the Battery Hill, counted the cannons and visited the gunpowder stash. We saw and photographed a canguroo. A few pics on the beach and back on the road.

Again and again, thanks to Miggi's creativity around Emilia, we were able to continue driving despite our child's utmost boredom and (a fair assumption) discomfort.

We came to Mount Gambier and we got hit by another absolute hit: Blue Lake. Incredible BLUENESS.

We ended this day in Robe - another small but charming village right next to the ocean. A relax on the beach (behind the fence of the camping ground) directly after we arrived helped to reset. Emilka loves waves and knows no fear. She also chased seagulls (Möwe / mewa) and played with sand. Our baby daughter officially becomes a person. :)

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Apollo Bay to Warrnambool

sunny 34 °C
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Australia is a well Internet connected country: cafés, bars offer wifi access for free, as do cities on their squares. Yet the camping grounds belong apparently to "old" era. The further the distance to big cities, the higher are the wifi charges (10$/200MB, 3$/h).

Good thing is: majority of attractions, at least those created by nature, are for free. And so are all toilets and amenities. :)

We started from Apollo Bay and continued our journey via ultra-scenic but also ultra-rough and uneven Great Ocean Road. The discovery of a first-time-camper-driver: it feels like the loudest production hall or a heavy artillery shooting. And the poor road quality aids the effects even more.

We have limited number of days and a long way to go so we decided to keep driving and check out the attrations along the way, as opposed to stopping for a day or two and exploring. Of course, this whole sightseeing has to be compatible (adapted) to Emilia's sleeping requirements. It anybody forgot, we are travelling with 1 year old kid.

We drove to Cape Otway to see the oldest lighthouse in Australia. And it is really worth a detour (Umfahrt / nadrabianie drogi) of about 1 hour. Plus we drove through so called Koala Spotting - Miggi took a few fine pictures of koala and one even with a baby koala.

Next stop of this day was planned on another special spot: The Twelve Apostles. These are rock formations standing out of ocean, just beneath the cliffy shores. A breath taking view.

Next and last stop of this day was in Warrnambool, where we arrived exactly hitting the Sunday evening mass.

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