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Sydney day 2

semi-overcast 28 °C
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The sky was covered with thick clouds so we got up late and started the day slowly. Good thing is, when we took off, the sun appeared on the sky again.

We got on the free bus number 555 and went to the Circular Quay, wharf 3 and got on the boat to Manly. It is a distant part of Sydney, where people go to spend their free time: surf, walk, jog, shop, dine etc. Manly indeed gives an impression of being a holiday destination rather than part of Sydney. Funny thing is, the sun remained that day in Sydney downtown so after cloudy Manly, we got back to a nice nearly sunset.

We met Cher and Michael, who moved to Sydney to look for a job. We met them on our friend's wedding and we kept in touch via FB. The coffee and 2h chat was a very pleasant crowning of the day.

Back in the appartment we cooked something super delicious and went to bed. It was our last day in Australia, tomorrow we move to New Zealand.

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Sydney day 1

sunny 24 °C
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Upon arrival yesterday the weather didn't look good at all and we feared it would stay like this. But when the angels travel... :-)

The sun arrived just in time when we left the apartment to visit Sydney. And it was good because we did all in all 10km walk that day: visited Hyde Park, cathedral, botanic gardens, Opera, Circular Quay, jumped on the boat and went over to Darling Harbour and finished the tour walking through the Chinatown back to the apartment.

Sydney is marvelously located. Boats serve as another means of public transport. We liked the idea of grabbing a take-away coffee on the way back from work and hop on one of the boats and - reading the book or listening to your mp3-player - enjoy the view of Sydney skyscrapers and Opera while heading back home to e.g. the city district of Manly. We could live here. Everybody could.

In the evening we ate a delicious self-made salmon salad.

Tomorrow is more!

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Alice Springs to Sydney

rain 22 °C
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Our camping ground is having a traditional free pancake breakfast. We tasted this tradition and we liked it. A quick visit on the air pillow with Emilka and we took off for the airport. Sydney is waiting.

At the airport Emka has made contact to Felix and probably 10 more children. She loves interacting with other kids what makes our travelling easier - you still have to watch her all the time but at least you don't have to be her center of the world the whole time (which might be very tiring).

The flight to Sydney was sleepy and therefore almost 3h went quicker.

Sydney welcomed us with heavy rains and only 22C which is almost a thermal shock for our bodies after all these hot days. But there are no flies anymore :-)

This evening we enjoyed free Internet and family skyping. Tomorrow is the time for the City!

Good night!

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Uluru to Alice Springs

semi-overcast 35 °C
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We woke up early, packed our stuff and made ourselves ready for the shuttle pickup.

All went smooth and after a while we landed back in Alice Springs. A quick check-in in our small bungalow on a camping grounds and we headed for the town center.

Alice Springs is a small town however for an outback scale it is probably big. On this Saturday afternoon we have however seen empty streets and bars or cafes and an unwelcoming park. And lots of flies everywhere.

Flies are with us since we arrived from Adelaide - they apparently always occur in these quantities during the local summertime. I guess you could get used to them but we didn't want to stay that long :-)

I tried kangaroo meat that day. And we went on am evening mass, lead by a Polish missionary parish who has been in Australia for only 3 years, earlier however 30 (!) years on a mission in Papua New Guinea.

Besides all the positives, there are a few disturbimg things which we learned about Australia:
- in spite of the hot temperatures, the costs of water are high*
- despite free hotspots in the town centers and shopping centers, camping grounds and some hotels sell the access to this commodity goods for way too high prices.

  • In order not to overpay for water, we decided to buy a pack of 24x0,6l that day and we decided we will try to drink all of it. With 2 bottles given to two Aborigenies, we have drank 17 and packed 5 to take it to Sydney. :-))

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Uluru and Kata Tjuta National Park

semi-overcast 33 °C
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We got up early. The night was sweaty due to warm humidity, something quite rare for this region.

We prepared our own breakfast and started to explore :-)
Miggi and Emilka went to a show in the town centre - an interesting mix of theatre play and cinema telling a story based on a local legend. They both liked it very much. And I went for an adventurous jogging tour around Ayers Rock! It was a great but exhausting experience. But I can proudly say: I did it.

Later in the afternoon we went to Kata Tjuta to experience clouds and rain there - even the local driver was surprised about the weather conditions these days.

An hour walk brought back the sun. Later we drove back theough Ayers Rock and shot some amazing photos of the Almighty Rock and the surrounding. Emilka made friends with Aborigenies kids.

We will remember this day, this unusual Valentine's Day very long - we saw and experienced great things.

Tomorrow flight back to Alice Springs. Sweet dreams!

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