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And we stayed.

We left the camping grounds and drove to the town centre which is located directly at the lake Taupo. Grabbing something small to eat and have a seat beside the lake is an attraction itself.

The city was full of sportsmen - Taupo was already the 2nd IronMan location during our travel after Geelong in Australia. IronMan draws hundreds of people: participants, their families and friends.

We used the free internet access in the city library for planning (more or less) the rest of our journey, updating the Travellerspoint's map* and some other formalities.

Some necessary shopping and we left the city centre for a bit hidden camping site near Huka Falls. We ate our supper by the river, surrounded by forrest and hills. Emilia was counting the ducks (hm, counting...).

  • The map says we are in Reporoa tonight but obviously we changed the plan and decided to enjoy the lake a bit longer and to walk to Huka Falls tomorrow in the morning. After breakfast at Huka Falls, we will drive to Wai-O-Tapu and Waimangu - more about it tomorrow.

Emilka is walking better every day. Almost every day she is adding a new gesture, mimic or movement. She gets more and more character, expressing what she wants or doesn't want. This all is very exciting and funny to observe - I am so glad to have taken paternity leave now and not e.g. when she was born.

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12 °C
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When planning the passing to Northern Island one has to think about ferry and book it beforehand, sometimes 1-2 days (like we did), sometimes weeks in advance.

Kaikoura lies 2h away from Picton, which small distance so we decided to stay in Kaikoura and leave for Picton on Monday.

The Sunday in Kaikoura was rich in terms of very different weather conditions: it rained, there was a strong wind, then it turned sunny and warm, then it started to hail heavily until the evening when it it all calmed down and the temperatures fell down to 9C. The people in New Zealand say that sometimes you can experience all 4 seasons in one day. We kind of saw the prove (maybe despite the snow;-).

A nice relaxing walk along the coast, a few talks with other travellers and so was our Sunday - laid back.

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Tongariro to Taupo

25 °C
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After a rather tough night, we drove up to see the ski centre. Looks weird with those sharp and edgy lava rocks instead of the snow...

We drove down to the village, enjoying the scenery.

We packed for hiking and went out to see Taranaki Falls. Emilka slept in the backpack and we immersed in the flora of the ntl park.

Then we hiked around another beautiful volcanic creation - hidden Lake Rotopounamu.

Tongariro Ntl Park invites its visitors to hike the biggest trails like Tongariro Crossing or Crater Walk or the legendary Northern Circuit. We struggled with an idea to stay 1 night more and to do the Crossing but eventually we decided not to. Emka is still 13 months old baby and 6-8h hike might be too heavy on her. Next time :)

A drive along the beach of the huge Lake Taupo was another highlight - the landscape along the lake shore is very picturesque. One of those for which in order to take really good pictures, you din't have to be a good photographer.

Lake Taupo is jusy another effect of thr vulcanic activity in this region and belongs to the biggest vulcanic lakes globally.

The camping grounds were loud of the children noises which excited Emilka: wherever children play, Emilia switches to self-suficient and happy mode and is even easier to handle ;-) Tomorrow we will explore the lake and the surroundings. Should we stay or should we go?

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Foxton to Tongariro National Park

overcast 18 °C
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As the location was great, I jogged along the broad, flat beach which is also used as a road, by the way.
We prepared the car quickly and moved out from the camping grounds and drove 3 min to this beach. We parked the car and ate our breakfast with a view to the ocean. Emilka used the chance to try how the sand tastes :-)

After doing dishes, the little one fell asleep and we had 1,5-2h relaxed driving.

Tongariro Naional Park is the first ntl park of NZ (1887) and offers great attractions for both summer (eg. hiking / walking) and winter (eg. skiing) visitors. It is one of the main reasons why people travel through NZ. The entire ntl park is built around the vulcanos and the nature surrounding them.

Directly after the arrival we did 2 walks with Emilka in her favourite backpack position.

For the night, we climbed with our camper a few km up the vulcano, where we parked at the moment of the sunset. Vulcanic rocks everywhere, far distance views and the sun setting - one of those moments.

The night was cold!! ;-)

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Wellington to Foxton

semi-overcast 22 °C
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The morning in Wellington was calm - no wind, the air was warm and pleasant. We rushed to the city to get the most out of the day.

We started our small city tour with a breakfast at fantastic Memphis Belle café. Delicious coffee and a gourmet breakfast helped the sun to come out.

With sun shining, we jumped onto one of the symbols of the city: Wellington cable car. This old tourist attraction takes people (both visitors/tourists and commuters) to one of the hills surrounding the city to a beautiful lookout point. From there we could see the entire downtown, surrounding hills and the part of the Cook Strait. The way down leads through a rich Botanic Garden.

A lazy and slow walk through the port led us back to the car.

Even if there is so much more to see and experience in Wellington (Te Papa Tongarewa Museum is a must!!), even if we already "cut" the southern island, we knew, we should move up north today.

With almost empty fridge we headed north. Somewhere around Levin we did our shopping and by 19:30 got to Foxton Beach. The location of this small village was a highlight: we had ocean that night lullabying us to sleep.

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